The Rules of the Bournemouth Hayward Football League Under 18 Division where applicable shall apply in all cases not covered by Endeavour Challenge Cup Competition Rules.

  • The entire control and management of the above Competition shall be vested in the Management Committee of the Bournemouth Hayward Football League.
  • The Cup shall be called the Endeavour Challenge Cup and shall not become the property of any one Club.
  • This Competition shall be open to teams in the BHFL Under 18 Division on payment of the fee of £35 which shall be paid on or before the Annual General Meeting in each year.
  • Each Club shall give notice, in writing, to the Secretary of the League on or before the 14th May. The Management Committee shall have power to group the competing Clubs for purposes of the draw or exempt any Club or Clubs from taking part in earlier rounds   
  • a) All Players must be recognised members of their respective Clubs and duly registered with the League by midday on the day before the scheduled date of any Cup Match. (No player may be signed on the day of a Cup Match). No individual shall be allowed to play for more than one competing team and a player shall not be permitted to play in the final tie unless he has previously played for his Club during the current season in a match under the jurisdiction of the BHFL. No transfers will be allowed. Provided he is otherwise eligible, a player who has been suspended may play in any re-arranged cup tie, if the term of his suspension has expired.         

(b) A Club may at its discretion and in accordance with the Laws of the Game use five substitute players in any match in this Competition who may be selected from five nominated players. A player who has been substituted himself becomes a substitute and may replace a player at any time subject to the substitution being carried out in accordance with Law 3 of the Laws of Association Football.  Both teams must hand a correct team sheet of participating players and substitutes, available to download from the BDFA website, to the Honorary Secreatry or responsible official of the opposing team and the match official fifteen minutes the official kick off time. The players names entered against the the numbers on the team sheet must correspond with the shirt numbers they wear during the game. Failure to complymay result in the team being fined a sum not less than £19.          A player who has been selected, appointed, or named as a substitute before the start of the match but does not actually play in the game, shall not be considered to have been a player in that game within the meaning of Rule 8 of this Competition.

  • Unless otherwise mutually agreed, the Clubs first drawn in each ballot shall have the choice of ground unless the Precedence List applies when the fixture shall be reversed. In the case of a tie being abandoned at the end of 90 minutes, choice of ground shall be reversed. If the ground should be unsuitable for a Cup Match their opponents may on depositing a sum of £25 with the Secretary of the League (which may be forfeited at the option of the Management Committee should they consider the objection trivial) appeal to the Management Committee who may order the match to be played on a neutral ground.  Such appeal is to be made within seven days of the draw being made.    The Secretary shall arrange the Semi Finals on a neutral pitch and competing Clubs shall share all expenses. The Club first drawn in all rounds except the final shall be responsible for making all payments and notifications to officials and opponents, and shall present their opponents with a statement of payments made, half of which shall be reimbursed by their opponents. When a gate is taken at a semi-final tie the total receipts shall be offset against the match expenses. The remainder (whether income or expense) shall be shared equally between the two competing teams. The cost of any Bournemouth Parks Pitch allocated by the Bournemouth Hayward Football League must be paid by return or by the due date shown on the invoice sent to Clubs. Clubs in default shall be fined £25 and may also have their fixtures suspended.
  • Any objection relative to ground, goal posts, bar or other appurtenances of the game must be made to those responsible for the match half an hour before the time fixed for the kick off. Any defect shall be remedied if it is possible without unduly delaying the game. Failing this the objection shall be made to the Referee prior to the start and cannot be withdrawn without the consent of the Management Committee. All other protests or appeals must be intimated to the Referee at the time the violation takes place with full particulars Each of the above conditions must be lodged with the Secretary of the League, in writing within four days, accompanied by a deposit of £25 which may be retained or otherwise as the Management Committee direct. A Club found to have played an ineligible player, or players, and failing a satisfactory explanation shall be liable to a fine not exceeding £65 per player and be expelled from the competition. Where a protest is sustained or in the absence of a protest, the Management Committee subsequently discover that any Rule has, in their opinion, been violated by mutual agreement by two Clubs or otherwise, it shall be in the power of the Management Committee to disqualify one or both teams from further competing in the Competition, or order the match or matches tri be replayed.  In the case of a frivolous protest, the BHFL Management Committee may impose such further penalties as may be warranted by the circumstances reported.  In the event of a Club being removed from a Competition after winning the final tie, the Management Committee may award the trophy and player awards to the beaten finalists.
  • A Club not fulfilling any fixture on the scheduled day shall incur a fine of not less than £26 and be removed from the Competition and may have to pay expense occurred by their opponents. For the purpose of this Rule, inability to field a complete team shall not in any circumstances be deemed a satisfactory explanation. A Club withdrawing from the Competition shall be liable to a fine of not less than £26 and not exceeding £52.
  • The ties shall be drawn by not less than three Members of the Cup Committee and an independent adjudicator and the Competition matches shall be played on the dates fixed by the League Secretary. In all ties, including the final, which result in a draw after 90 minutes, the match shall be decided by penalties as laid down in the HFA Ltd Handbook.  (No extra time will be played in any matches in this Competition).  The home Club shall mark out the ground and provide two, fit for play, match standard footballs and dressing rooms.  In the final tie the match shall be played on a ground selected by the League who will make all the arrangements. When two teams play in the same or similar colours, the visiting team shall make some distinctive change, unless otherwise mutually agreed, but in the final tie both teams shall change.   All members and ticket holders shall pay admission to the ground and stand.
  • In the event of any Club failing to play their tie on the appointed date, they shall be expelled from the Competition, unless sufficient reason is given to the Management Committee for an extension of time.
  • The dimensions of the field of play shall be not more than 130 yards long by 100 yards wide, or less than 100 yards long by 50 yards wide. The home team shall mark out the field of play in accordance with the Laws of the Game. Goal nets must be used in every match.
  • Particulars of each match, including a list of participating players (starting eleven and substitutes), goal scorers, the mark awarded to the Referee (out of 100) and any other information required by the competition shall be entered by the Club nominee in the appropriate place on the Full Time website within one day of completion of the match. Failure to do so will incur a fine of £15 and / or the Club being dealt with as the Management Committee decide. Any Club playing in the Competition whether HOME or AWAY and where scheduled games are not played for whatever reason shall enter the relevant details on the Full Time website by the scheduled time.
  • The winners of the Competition shall be presented with the Challenge Cup, which shall be held by the Club for the current season and in addition to the Cup the League shall provide sixteen suitable awards for presentation to the Competition winners and losing finalists. When a player taking part in the final tie of the Competition is ordered to leave the field of play for misconduct, the medal which he would be entitled to may be withheld at the discretion of the Management Committee. The League shall insure the Cup and arrange for it to be engraved with the winners name and year, the cost of which shall be paid for by the winning Club. The Cup shall be returned in its box and in good condition to the Association Office on or before 8th February the following year. A fine of £26 plus £3 per additional day that it is overdue will be imposed in cases of default.
  • The League Management Committee shall have the power to reinstate any team whose opponents have infringed the Rules of the Competition. All questions of eligibility, qualification of competitors, as well as other matters of dispute shall be left to the Management Committee whose ruling shall be final. Should either of the Clubs in connection with any dispute regarding a cup tie have a member on the Management Committee, the said representative shall not be eligible to vote on any motion connected with the protest.
  • Both teams must hand a correct team sheet of participating players and substitutes, available to download from the BDFA website, to the match official and the opposition five minutes prior to the official kick off time. The players’ names entered against the numbers on the team sheet must correspond with the shirt numbers they wear during the game. Failure to comply may result in the teams being fined a sum not less than £19. Any team failing to be available to kick off at the official time may be fined a sum not less than £20 failing a satisfactory explanation within seven days of the offence.  Prior to commencement of the match the Referee shall inform the Captain or other responsible official of a Club that he intends to report a late start. Unless otherwise approved by the League Secretary, times of kick off in all ties shall be the same as for BHFL Under 18 Division games.
  • In the final tie, after charges for the Ground, Referee and Assistant Referee expenses, Police, Stewards, Travelling Expenses, Gatekeepers, Advertising and Printing have been paid, the remainder is to be retained by the BHFL.

The Referee, for all ties except the final, shall be appointed by the HFA (Bournemouth Division) Referees’ Committee. For all Cup finals, the Referees Appointments Secretaries shall select and nominate Referees to the BHFL Cup Committee for approval. All appointed match officials in Competitions under the jurisdiction of the Hampshire FA must wear uniform comprising of plain black shirts with white collars, black shorts and socks that shall be black or black with white tops. Subject to any limits / provisions laid down by the Sanctioning Association. Match officials appointed under this Rule shall be paid a match fee of: Referee £30 and Assistant Referee £20, inclusive of travel expenses.