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 BDFA crest

BDFA SERVICE TO FOOTBALL AWARDS: These awards are awarded to persons giving 20 years (15 years prior to 2014) uninterupted service, in a non playing capacity, to local football.

 Recipients are:

2020 - 

2019 - Mr P. Donovan.

2018 - Mrs S. Elford,Mrs C Saunders.

2016 - Major E. Trengove,

2015 - Mr A. Paull, Mrs J. Linford, Mr C. Roberjot, Mr M. Buxton.

2014 - Mr M. Artwell, Mr K. Ellis 

2013 - Mr I. Adams, Mr D. Astbury, Mr K. Clark, Mr J. Coppard, Mr P. Crisp, Mrs S. Hills, Mr D. Kirby, Mr D. May, Mrs B. Pritchard, Mr D. Whitmarsh

2012 - Mrs W. Archer, Mr T. Adlem, Mr P. Christopher,Mr C. Claxton, Mr L. Cox, Mr P. England, Mr P. Gilbert, Mr D. Gooding, Mr P. Gormley, Mr K. Habgood, Mr R. Hope, Mr G. Kilshaw-Fall, Mr C. Mantle, Mr G. Monti, Mr G. Sims, Mr J. Spalding, Mr R. Willis

2011 - Mr A. Miller, Miss G. Martin, Mr J. McKay, Mr T. Nineham, Mr P. Stoodley

2010 - Mr T. Daniel

2009 - Mr S. Clark

2008 - Mr M. Bratcher, Mrs J. Fry, Mr K. Matear, Mr A. Miles, Mr R. Murphy, Mr S. Nethercott, Mr M. E. Norman, Mr R. Osborne, Mr P. Parker, Mrs S. Pountain, Mr D. Pritchard

2007 - Mr M. Ryan, Mr D. Trick, Mr R. Kimber, Mrs E. Blackburn, Mr J. Drake

2004 - Mrs D. Page, Mr C. Hayes

2003 - Mr K. Petty, Mr A.G. Watson

2001 - Mr B. Loader, Mrs E. Taylor

2000 - Mr A. Taylor, Mr P. R. Old

1999 - Mrs J. Ackerman, Mr D. Herridge, Mr T. Langrish 

1998 - Mr M. Ward, Mr T. Tuttiett, Mr S. Thomas, 

1997 - Mr D. Eyles, Mr B. Phillips, Mr A. Hart, Mr G. Reed

1996 - Mr D. Pickles, Mr G. Munsden, Mr M. Saunders, Mr P. Mackenzie, Mr G. Hurst

1995 - Mr I. Sutton, Mr N. Crewe, Mr B. Biles, Mr B. Faulkner, 

1994 - Mr B. Wyatt, Mr R. Cooke, 

1993 - Mr T. Gulliver, Mr D. Taylor

1992 - Mr D. Dymott, Mr L. Farebrother, Mr A. Thomas, Mr J. Bone, Mr F. Childs, Mr J. Macdonald, Mr M. R. Fowler, Mr J. Bartlett, Mr B. Stout, 

1991 - Mr C. R. Johns, Mr A. Holloway, Mr M. Prescott, Mr J. Osey, Mr S. Phillips, Mr V. Fulcher, Mr R. Groves, Mr C. Walters, Mr B. Beach, Mr J. Bellows

1989 - Mr B. Perrett, Mr E. J. Bosisto

1988 - Mr R. Rolls, Mr R. Evans, Mr I. Plummley, Mr F. G. J. Cherrett

1987 - Mr D. L. Short

1986 - Mr B. E. Hughes, Mr W. J. Shaw, Mr N. Dean 

1985 - Mr R. A. Williams, Mr R. Torah, Mr R. Hillman

1984 - Mr J. Lawford, Mr S. Alexander

1983 - Mr R. Evans, Mr. E. F. R. Edwards

1982 - Mr N. J. Chard, Mr A. Harrod, Mr J. L. Northover, Mr G. Plowman



Harry Cornish Trophy donated by Harry Cornish, goes to the Council Member that has contributed most during the Season

Mike Fowler President of the BDFA/BHFL presenting

Graham Joy with the Harry Cornish Cup 2018

graham joy 2018

Life Member Barry Hughes presenting the

Harry Cornish Trophy to Arthur Saunders. 2012 


 Previous Winners are:

2018 - Graham Joy

2017 - Tom Morris

2016 - Mike Fowler

2015 - Ray Murphy

2014 - Martin Turk

2013 - Babs Pritchard

2012 - Arthur Saunders

2011 - Terry Thomas

2010 - Brian Biles

2009 - Terry Thomas

2008 - Colin Brown

2007 - Cliff Sadler

2006 - John Anscombe

2005 - Cliff Sadler

2004 - Sandy Hills

2003 - Martin Norman

2002 - Terry Thomas

2001 - Steve Small









Bournemouth Divisional Football Association Council 2020 / 2021

 Founded 1920 Colours: Royal Blue & Gold

 Patron – Mr J. M. Carter (14)

Note – Figures represent, years of membership, including the current Season. Years of service, in their particular office, are also showing in respect of the Officers of the League, including the current year.


Mr.Robin Osborne (3)(30)


 Mr Mark James (2) (7)

 Deputy Chairman:

Mr. Martin Prescott (2)(14)

Secretary :

 Mrs. Mandy Forbes  (5) (14)

(b) 01202 490000 (m) 07594 030923 (e) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Hon. Treasurer:

Mr Tom Morris (20) (20)

 Minutes Secretary:

Mr Terry Thomas (7) (20)


Life Vice-Presidents:

Mr. B. E. Hughes (49) 

Mr. A. B. Saunders (46) 

Mr. B. Biles (46) 

Mr. B. E. Perrett (39) 

Mr. V. G. Collick (38)

Mr. M. R. Fowler (34)

Mr. A. R. Hart (31) 

Mr. R. Osborne (30) 

Mr. S. Nethercott (29) 

Mr. Alan Miles (28) 

Mr. Mick Ryan (25) 

Mr. Steve Small (21)

Mr. T. Morris (20)

Mr. T. Thomas (20)

Mr. J. Spalding (17) 


Training Co-ordinator:

Mr Martin Prescott (14) 

 Press Officer:

 Mr. Mike Fowler (5) (34) 

Hampshire FA Members Resident in Area:

Bournemouth Hayward Football League Representatives: Saturday Section(3)

 Mr. Graham Joy (13) Mr. Dave Green (5) Mr. Mark James (7)

Bournemouth Hayward Football League Representatives: Sunday Section (3)

Mr Martin Prescot (14) Mr Steve Mowlem (5) Mr. Colin Brown (2 )

 Bournemouth Youth Football League Representatives: (3)

Mr. Alan Paull (6)

SWEA Churches League Representatives (3):

Mr. Andy Pym(6)

New Forest Youth League Representatives (3)


Bournemouth Football Referees' Society Representative:

Mr Mark James (8) 

 Members Clubs Competeing outside the Area Representative:

 Mr Ray Murphy (2 )

Senior Clubs Representative:

Mr. Mick Ryan (25)

Intermediate Clubs Representative:

Mr. Brian Perrett (38)

 Representative from Women's Club within the area:


Disability Clubs Representative:


Walking Football Clubs Representative:


Local Authority Representative:

Mr Shaun Woodland (7)  

 Representative of appropriate Schools FA:


Hon. Solicitor:

Mr. Simon Nethercott (29) 


 Honorary Life Members–

Mr. A. J. Harrod (54) 

Mr. D. Godfrey (52)

Mr. D. Pickles (41)

Mr. P. Saltmarsh (36) 

Mr. M. Hurlock (34)

Mr. R. D. Cooke (34) 

Mr. J. M. Carter (32)

Mr. G. Seymour (31)

Mr. Dave Gooding (24) 

Mr Tony Nineham (22) 

Mrs. Sandy Hills (22) 

 Mr. M. Norman(21)

 Mr. D. Astbury(20)

Mr. Mark Hart (16)  

Mr. Robert Nuttall (16)



(Note – The Officers of the Association  Serve on ALL Committees, )


R Osborne,  Mark James,  T. T. Morris, T. Thomas, Mandy Forbes and two Council Members relevant to the Meeting.


 M. Fowler, M. James, T. Hart, D. Green + 1 TBC + Officers

Football Development:

M. Prescott, R Murphy, M. Fowler, J. Spalding, D. Green, + Officers

Rules Revision:

 M. Fowler,  D. Green, S. Mowlem. J. Spalding + 1TBC + Officers

Cup & Match:

 B. Biles, S. Mowlem,M. Forbes, M. James,  M. Prescott, M. Ryan, M. Fowler, D. Green.+ Officers