Free Football Kits from Deliveroo

I've seen on social media that some clubs have gained new kits through Deliveroo.

Here's the link if you are interested.…

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New Team Applications

Have You Got the Balls to Play in Our Hayward Leagues?

Last Chance to enter a team for the 2019/20 season, contact us…

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Pre-Season Friendly Games


Teams looking to play pre-Season friendlies please remember that all friendly games must be sanctioned. If…

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Players Looking for Clubs

If you are a player looking to join a New Club email us and we will place your notice here.




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If your Club is looking for players, contact us and we will put your notice on here.



Date  …


CLUB OFFICIALS Wanted or Available

If you are looking to get involved with a Football Club in a non-playing capacity send us your details and we will add them to this list.

Alternatively if your Club is looking for a new Secretary / Treasurer / Manager etc... let us know and we will add your requirements to the list…

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Online CRC Varifications

CRC online applications can now be verified by Daren and Mandy at the Bournemouth Divisional Football Association, Hurn…

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